Workshop Review

Release Your Inner Storyteller workshop with Natural Born Storytellers were four beautiful Sunday afternoons that I will remember for quite some time. I was attracted to participate because I am interested in stories, especially in compiling interesting stories from my life in written form. I have learnt a great deal about the way stories work and what components they are built from by way of very engaging and fun exercises and games. The second half of the workshop dragged me out of my comfort zone as I was led to perform few of my stories. Even though that wasn't my main objective, I very much enjoyed and welcomed this part. I was glad our group was fairly small as that allowed for us to get to know each other quite well through sharing our experiences. Most of all, the way the whole workshop was constructed and Michael's guidance during the sessions were spot on. We all have incredible stories to share and I can't recommend this workshop enough to bring out the storyteller in you!”