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Storytelling Tips...

... for getting the most out of your spot at Natural Born Storytellers

1. Keep it under 8 minutes - this isn’t some randomly chosen time-frame, this is the point in most stories where we can feel the room’s concentration slip. Rather leave the audience wanting more than thinking you’ve gone on too long.
2. Your story must be true and have happened to you or you need to find a way of being involved in the story (the audience will connect to your emotional response!)... so, for example, you could tell the story of how the story was told to you...

3. Grab their attention. Start with a strong opening line that really sets the scene, puts the audience right in the middle of the action or sets up what is at stake in your story. 

4. Build up the tension to a moment of change or a climax. It helps to figure out where it is and then keep building the tension to delay that moment as long as possible. The audience will be with you all the way.

5. End strongly. Give your story a definite ending. Ask yourself if it really serves the story to give more facts after everything has been resolved. 

6. Be present. Live the story again as you’re telling it. Your audience will pick up on that and empathise deeply. If you’re nervous just pretend that you’re telling it to a bunch of your closest friends. There is no judgement in the room and everyone there is on your side. 

7.  Practice your story beforehand. No reading from a page. And don’t worry if you forget something or jumble up the order as your audience will never know unless you tell them. 

8. Have fun! Be yourself. Enjoy telling your story.