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Natural Born Storytellers: 'Pets'

  • The Camden Head 100 Camden High Street London (map)

Pets are incredible creatures. They become part of the family, your best friend, your nemesis. They brighten up our lives and can cause us the saddest times. Maybe you had a special bond with a particular animal, you could have a pet that always got up to mischief, a faithful companion. They could be insects, mammals, reptiles, fish or beasts. Maybe it was someone else's pet or a certain animal that played a role in another epic story from your life. Tonight's stories are about pets and animals you've owned, come across, met, fostered, found, befriended, antagonised, run away from, loved and everything else in between. 

Our shows are  friendly. open, intimate and honest and the stories moving, life-affirming, shocking, captivating or just plain hilarious. It's different to a comedy show where the expectation is laughter... here laughter comes, but it's a part of a whole breadth of other emotions and reactions to the stories and it makes for rich, fulfilling festival entertainment.

Come on down and experience one of the friendliest and most memorable nights London has to offer. We'd love you to get involved, whether it's telling a story, suggesting a new theme or just coming down to watch the night, there is something for everyone at Natural Born Storytellers...

Our storytellers tonight are:
David Pickering
Darren Mothersele
Jennifer McLaughlin
Sylvia Stocchinho
Negev Cohen
Matt Price