We love true stories and have been recording them since Natural Born Storytellers began in 2012. Below are a selection of our favourite stories that we've heard (and recorded) for you to enjoy. 

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Paul and his friends head off to a car park to smoke a joint and when they spot a police car the paranoia starts to creep in.

This story was told in August 2015 at Shambala Festival when the theme was 'Close Calls'

Andrew's dreams come true when he is asked to be the canvas for a full body paint masterpiece. This story was told on 21st October 2015 in Camden Town, when the theme was 'Coincidence'
Roger takes his show to Britain's Got Talent and he learns a valuable lesson about creativity in the process. This story was recorded on 20th January 2016 for the theme 'Failed Attempts'

Everything is going fine for Matt & his friends when disaster strikes on holiday and their safety hinges on one, tiny question... This story was recorded live in London on 16th December 2015 when the theme was 'Holidays'

Bruce's brilliant, moving tale of a rescue dog he saved from near death while working for the British Army.

Chris tells a tale of how he managed to ruin Christmas....... again!

Dave shares the tale of how his family welcomed a new member and the events that ensued.

Thanks to Dave for a great story, you can connect with him at: Twitter: @goosefat101 Websites: http://www.mansplainingmasculinity.co.uk http://www.davepickeringstoryteller.co.uk

Michael and his family use fake IDs to get everyone into Wonderland for free.

Felix has spent his life running away. In this beautifully told story, he learns a valuable piece of wisdom...

Peter tells a story recounted to him many times over by his father about his World War 2 exploits

A tale of two cousins, an hilarious prank and a very uncomfortable erection...