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Michael Kossew

The founder of Natural Born Storytellers, regular host, workshop facilitator and sometimes storyteller. Michael loves creating a space for people to share stories and working with people to turn their life experiences into captivating tales to share with friends or for the stage.

With over 10 years experience speaking in front of audiences from stand-up comedian, MC and storyteller, Michael knows how to create a warm and friendly atmosphere to encourage deep and personal sharing.

Michael also manages the The Imaginarium at Shambala Festival, works as a Tour Director/Guide for teenagers visiting the UK and Europe and spends much of his spare time fiddling with LEDs and creating silly parties in dusty environments.


Chris Stokes

Chris is a regular storyteller, sometimes host and organiser at Natural Born Storytellers. He loves attending our events and sharing stories so much, that he asked Michael if he could run it while he was travelling, so that the world would not miss out on new stories.

A full time comedian, writer and actor, Chris is prolific on the circuit and has toured with many famous names and has taken many solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe. But it is on stage, sharing stories, that Chris feels most relaxed and in the zone.

Veganism is an issue close to Chris’s heart and he has worked with The Vegan Society and Humane Society to champion its cause.

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Jools Constant

Jools is a regular storyteller, host and organiser at Natural Born Storytellers. He has found a home on our storytelling stage and seems to have countless incredible tales from his life well lived to share with us every month. He is passionate about the art of storytelling.

For 25 years Jools has been engaged in public speaking presenting and storytelling in one form or another. He is a very well known comedian on the British circuit with thousands of very diverse venues and events performed countrywide.

Outside of NBS, Jools is an adept builder, a restorer of old cars and a brilliant public speaking and storytelling coach.



Our wonderful organiser and host as well as storyteller, Natalie’s tales often revolve around hilarious situations she finds herself in and the epic lengths she goes to trying to detangle it all. She’s the friendly face of Natural Born Storytellers as you arrive, the organiser of the anonymous stories that we all write during the live events and the person keeping Michael sane when it all gets a bit much.

Natalie is also a primary school teacher, loves creating art, writing and spends much of her free time playing the ukulele, drinking tea and making lists.

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Jenny Kossew

Another friendly face of Natural Born Storytellers, Jenny has been there from the very first show supporting the true storytelling concept, doing the door and conquering her fear of public speaking to stand up and share incredible stories at our regular nights and festivals.

Jenny is an entertainer for nursery-aged children and the elderly and loves walking her dog and playing with her grandchildren. You will find Jenny spreading JOY through inter-generational activities via the charity she has founded and champions.


Kashyap Raja

A regular storyteller and playwright, Kash is much loved at Natural Born Storytellers. He loves performing on our stage and his beautifully crafted stories are told with aplomb. He is one of our more poignant tellers, someone who you need to listen deeply to, but the payoff is always incredible.