Making the Natural Born Storytellers Sign


"We've got plenty of time" we said about a month before Shambala.

Nic & I met in Camden to discuss plans for Natural Born Storytellers decor for Shambala Festival. I wanted to make a campfire feel in the yurt and we decided on creating Natural Born Storytellers out of sticks and lighting it with some yellow, red and orange LEDs to make it look like there were flickering flames behind the letters. 

We needed wood. My bed that I'd used from the age of 2 until 24 had been left in our driveway for a year was the perfect source and we began by cutting that down to the right size. I loved the fact that the new sign would be made from wood that held such history for me. 

Our next mission was to the woods, where we gathered up a bunch of sticks, of varying lengths and sizes, looking for curves and hoping each one would be perfect for a different letter. We collected a boot-load of sticks drove them home and tried to weave them into the chicken wire that covered our frame. It did not take us long to realise that you cannot weave with dried twigs. Each one we inserted broke quickly, very few had any bend on them at all and we began to think our task as insurmountable.

We took a 10 day break and in that time I learned of a substance called willow. After being soaked for a few days, it would bend into shape at will, and once I had heard about it, I knew I had to get hold of this magical substance. What happened next follows in the slideshow below...