The Power of True Storytelling

“An extraordinary, inspiring and illuminating journey of self discovery through the medium of sharing stories drawn from your life and that of others. Be warned, this will move you.”
— Chris, Workshop attendee

We all love to spin a good yarn, but sometimes talking about ourselves and the things we've done feels harder. We question ourselves: "Do I have a story to tell or just a bunch of  anecdotes?", "why would anything I've done be interesting to someone else?" or "I  don't really know what my story is even about?". 

How can I turn events from my life into captivating stories? What is it that makes a good story? How can I keep people entertained with the stories I tell? 

It is these questions and more that we will explore in this fun, supportive and experiential workshop: we will share stories, play games and help craft moments from your life into captivating true stories. We’ll work with structure, performance, voice and other storytelling techniques in small groups where you will connect with others and share experiences with lots of feedback and support.