Natural Born Storytellers began with the simple premise that 'everyone has a story to tell', so we started gathering in a small room above The Camden Head where people took to the stage to tell true stories from their lives based on a monthly theme. Since then we've ended up at various comedy, music and arts festivals, performed in theatres and begun running true storytelling workshops. 

Our nights are friendly. open, intimate and honest and the stories moving, life-affirming, shocking, captivating or just plain hilarious. It's different to a comedy night where the expectation is laughter... here laughter comes, but it's a part of a whole breadth of other emotions and reactions to the stories and it makes for a rich, fulfilling evening's entertainment. 

Come on down and experience one of the friendliest and most memorable nights London has to offer. We'd love you to get involved, whether it's telling a story, suggesting a new theme or just coming down to watch the night, there is something for everyone at Natural Born Storytellers... 

“You are definitely onto something here. This was one hell of an evening. Like really properly captivating stories that enthralled, moved, tickled, challenged and above all entertained. Such a brilliant event”
— Jamie Gosney

16th November: True Storytelling Workshop
19th November: 'In Your Dreams'
17th December: I've Never Told Anyone This Before, But...
21st January: 'Pets
18th February: 'Shit Stories: Tales About Poo & Other Bodily Functions'
18th March: 'Scars'
16th April: 'It Started With...'

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True Storytelling Workshop - Sunday 16th November

In this fun and intimate workshop we will share stories, play games and help craft moments from your life into captivating true stories. Places are limited. Please click on the title for more information.

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'in your dreams' - 19TH november

Have your dreams ever come true? Maybe you've had an experience that felt like a dream or perhaps you're still dreaming. Have you ever been told that something is impossible? That no matter how hard you try, you will never succeed? Perhaps you were told this, but proved the person telling you wrong. Sometimes we day dream to escape the reality of our daily life. This month we want to hear about your dreams and how much they mean to you. Unless you've stopped dreaming, in which case we would love to hear about that too.

We'd love to hear from you if you want to tell a story, suggest a theme, create a workshop or just say something nice...






True storytelling workshop

In this fun and intimate workshop we will share stories, play games and help craft moments from your life into captivating true stories. 

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Tell Your Story

If you would like to perform at a Natural Born Storytellers event, please submit your story ideas here. 

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